Now that your pool has been winterized, you may think that you are done taking care of it for the season.  However, we recommend performing a very quick check regularly to ensure all is going well with your pool. Winter pool maintenance is simple and should be completed as regularly as possible.  Perry Pools is there for you to help with any winter maintenance tasks. We make it easy to maintain your swimming pool with the right pool chemicals and accessories, while saving money all year long. See the few tips below, and take good care of your pool:

  • Ensure your pool has been winterized: Cover your pool, drain your equipment and balance your pool chemistry.
  • Check and secure your pool cover: Heavy rain, snow or wind can damage your pool cover. It is important to make sure that the winter cover is in place and protecting your swimming pool. Keeping the pool area free of leaves will also help prevent water contamination if your pool is not covered for the winter If you are missing parts, or need a new cover, contact Perry Pools and we’ll help you find the parts.
  • Test your pool water chemistry bimonthly: Maintaining your pool water’s chemistry is important to keep your pool water clean and sanitary.  Abnormal pH due to low chlorine levels can facilitate the growth of algae and bacteria.
  • Check your pool for green water: Algae typically do not grow in water temperature that is less than 60 oF/15oC; however, it is possible, and with the uncharacteristically mild December we have had the risk of algae formation is significantly increased. If you notice algae formation, then add shock treatment or algaecide to your pool water.   Remember, it costs more to treat a green pool than to treat a clean pool!