While we all love to enjoy a pristine pool, one of the big chores of the spring is opening the pool and getting it ready for the season. Most people don’t have a problem getting the cover off and starting the system, the real problem occurs when they see the color of the swimming pool.  Have no fear, Perry Pools is here to help you get your pool ready with a few tips!

  • Get an Early Start:
    Opening your pool early even helps with algae. Algae loves warm and dark places, which is why it grows so well when you have the winter cover on your pool until the middle of June! Also, you can take advantage of the early buys deals at your local pool store (visit our store location for a great selection of products).  Lastly, if you start early, you’ll also have your pool open in case you have an early summer for you friends and family to enjoy!
  • Balance your water:  Getting your water chemistry right at the beginning of the season plays a large part in how your water will look and feel for the rest of the season.  With good water chemistry your filter won’t work as hard and maintaining crystal clear water will be less costly and easier.  Bring water samples to your pool store so it can be computer tested and only use high quality chemicals like Bio Guard and PristineBlue.
  • Be Prepared and Talk To An Expert:
    When it comes to pool care, it’s a good idea to get all your information from one source. The internet is a scary place where everybody has an opinion on what to do with your pool.  Point is, if you stick to one, reliable and knowledgeable source, you will receive consistent, expert opinion and avoid problems. Hopefully, that source is Perry Pools. You can ask us anything about your pool and/or hot tub. Our experts await your call so, don’t hesitate and reach out!


Visit our Website or call today at 203-904-2884 and let’s talk about your pool! Also, visit our retail store and showroom in Norwalk, Connecticut. If you bring in a sample. of your pool water, we can offer you a free accurate water analysis!