Summer has come and gone, and you may be wondering what you need to do to your pool over the winter. Winterizing your pool simply means to prepare it for winter.

If you choose to leave your pool as it is and not winterize you run the risk of severely  damaging your pool. Harsh climate brings cold and frost can damage any area containing water such as the pipes, pumps and heater and therefore incurring expensive fees to get your pool up and running come the spring. If left uncovered and untreated you may face problems such as pipe failure, excessive scale buildup, green sludgy water, stained tiles due to leaves and a mountain of insects who have found a home in your beloved pool. But fear not, Perry Pools is here to share some steps to protect your pool and its accessories:

  • Firstly, remove your summer cover, clean it and store it somewhere dry and safe.
  • Balance the calcium pH levels slightly higher than usual. We also recommend shock treating your pool.
  • Add your algaecide, because no pool looks good green
  • Clear the skimmer pipelines, empty the pump, filter and heater
  • Finally invest in a really good winter pool cover, one that can be customized to fit.

With all this is place your pool should not be well prepared for a harsh New England winter. Now you can relax in the knowledge that your pool will be ready to easily open once we are blessed with some sun once more. And remember, nobody knows pools like our highly-trained, knowledgeable team. Contact Perry Pools today with any questions!