When you don’t plan on using your pool for a while, it’s important to choose the right pool cover. There are several things you should consider, when selecting your pool cover:
•    Your Pool’s Shape
•    Your Pool’s Location
•    Your Budget
•    Your Safety Concerns  


From automatic to manual and even solar-powered, there are many different types of pool covers and it can be hard to determine which is right for you. Perry Pools is here to help you select the right one! Our team of experts can help with selection, installation and regular maintenance.

For Dirt and Debris
If children and pets aren’t a concern, then you might do well with the most budget-friendly option, which is a vinyl or mesh cover. Though less sturdy, they do a fine job of keeping out most leaves, branches, and debris. These covers can be bought off the shelf or custom-made to suit your pool shape or size.

For Children and Pets
Given that mesh or fabric covers are only secured with anchors, they aren’t the safest choice for pool owners who might have animals or children venturing into their yard.  Heavy-duty pool covers are ideal because they not only keep dirt and debris out of your pool, but they can also easily hold the weight of an adult; so children, pets, and other animals won’t accidentally fall in through the sides or become trapped in a sunken pool cover.  As an added benefit, heavy duty covers also provide extra sun protection, meaning that the possible growth of algae and bacteria will be significantly reduced.

For All-year Swimming
Pool and spa owners wanting to swim year round with the highest level of safety in the back yard, should choose one of our retractable pool enclosures.Having a pool enclosure also provides reduced cleaning costs by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of the pool or patio. Also, no need to open and close your pool each season !

For the Environmentally Conscious
Solar covers are ideal for those who are looking to heat their pool while saving on their electricity bill. However, most of them are a poor choice for anyone with kids or pets because they aren’t very strong, nor can then be anchored well.  They do, however, make effective dirt and debris eliminators.

Whatever your Pool cover needs are, Perry Pools is here to help! Contact us today and our team of qualified experts will make sure you are happy. We got you covered!