Now is the season to unpack the scarves, dust off the rake and think about installing a hot tub to enjoy during the colder months. Fall is a great time to build that spa you’ve always wanted before the cold weather sets in.  There’s nothing like getting into a hot outdoor therapeutic spa on a cold winter night. Getting your hot tub ready for the winter months is easy. No special preparation is required for you to enjoy a warm, hydrotherapeutic massage in your backyard at a moment’s notice.

Why you need hydrotherapy this fall:

  • Workout Helper: Has your workout routine changed from last summer or are you just starting one? Hydro-massage soothes sore muscles and strains and promotes flexibility.
  • Stress Relaxer: A 10-minute soak relaxes homework-stressed kids and parents.
  • Sleep Improver: When the days get shorter, immerse in a warm-water massage and you’ll most likely sleep better afterwards.
  • Awesome Entertainer: People who own spas and hot tubs love to entertain outdoors in every season. Everyone enjoys a warm soak and good conversation!

Need supplies, help with maintenance or fall conditioning? How about a new cover or accessories? All of the above?

Contact Perry Pools for a quick consultation! Call us today at 203-349-9212 or visit our convenient Norwalk location. We offer spa-only winter service, where visits are less frequent than pool service but just as important to keep the spa clean and working properly all winter long.