Luxury Pool & Spa

Greenwich, CT

When we were called to assess this pool and spa, we discovered a pool with extensive hurricane and neglect issues. The former homeowner emptied the pool and left it unwinterized. When Hurricane Sandy hit, it caused additional structural damage, and several of the plumbing and equipment parts were washed out to sea. Due to all of these conditions, the pool had broken lighting, plumbing, and equipment. Along with a complete restoration, the homeowner wanted the pool four feet deeper in the deep end.

On a job like this, we were forced to give a quote based on a range, but it was still competitive. Our staff effectively worked around the customer’s schedule and several other unexpected delays unrelated to the scope of the job. We managed to get everything done so the homeowner and his family could enjoy the pool and spa for most of the season.

By the time the job was completed, the pool and spa were returned to their original beauty. The equipment was superior to what was there before, and we are confident that short of another major storm this pool and spa will continue to give great pleasure to this family for many years to come. We continue to service their pool and spa on a weekly schedule.